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Game Title: Star Citizen | Release Date: 2016
Author: Cloud Imperium Games Corporation
Download the demo on

Game Title:
Star Citizen

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Star Citizen’s ships don’t just look good, they fly in accordance with a detailed Newtonian physics engine! The game offers a full rigid body simulation of all spacecraft; if it flies in Star Citizen, we’ve figured out exactly how and why. The game features numerous built-in flight models that will let you treat your ship like a traditional space combat game… or break the mold and pull of maneuvers that should only be possible in zero G!
Newtonian Simulation

We’ve worked hard on making sure Star Citizen’s flight model stands apart from everything that has come before. Ship performance is calculated dynamically based on dozens of physical variables and the ability of your maneuvering jets to deliver thrust towards a requested vector. Every single ship customization impacts how your ship flies!
Intelligent Flight Control System

Every one of Star Citizen’s spacecraft features a comprehensive fly-by-wire system that allows even novice pilots the ability to get into the action. While IFCS is active, your ship will respond in a natural manner familiar to most flight sim pilots.
Thruster Coupling and Vectoring

You aren’t flying an airplane! Switch to any number of alternate flight modes to maneuver like a true spacecraft: reverse thrusters to stop dead in space, strafe in any direction… even disable IFCS altogether for complete 6DoF control over your ship.
G-Force Simulation

Star Citizen doesn’t just simulate the spacecraft, it also simulates the person inside it. It’s easy to push your machine to the limit… just make sure your pilot can take the maneuvers! Playing fast and loose with the joystick can get you an advantage in combat… but if you push too hard, you’re liable to black out, sustain permanent injury or worse.


Game Title: Insane Offroad | Coming Soon
Author: Ray Skinner and Anthony Hargiss
Download the demo: Insane Off-Road | Website
Please support this game by visiting the kickstarter page: Kickstarter Project Insane Off-Road

Game Title:
Insane Off-Road

Submitted by
Ray Skinner / Anthony Hargissdefiant

Online Multi-Player Off-Road Racing game called Insane Off-Road! Why is it insane, you might ask? Because the physics are crazy, the AI is dangerous, and it's insane because we are only charging $1.00 for it!!!

Game Title: Yargis | Coming Soon
Author: Jeff Minis| Website

Game Title:

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Jeff Minis

Spaceship shooter from the top view. Battle friends in space: capture the flag, prison break,base wars and more!
Engage in Yargis's futuristic story
Customize ships with unlocks
Join online servers or create your own. Create your own levels with the included editor. Now on PC (Mobile and Consoles in development)

Game Title: Stasis | Coming Soon
Author: Christopher Bischoff | Website
Play the demo

Game Title:

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Christopher Bischoff

Game Title: Zombie Office | Coming soon Summer 2015
Author Jeff Penketh | Website
Play the demo on

Game Title:
Zombie Office

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Game Title: Christmas Stars | | Complete: 100% (although will be adding more mini games later)
This game is available to download on Googleplay store for free (Android only)

Game Title: Christmas Stars

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Author: Dave | Contact: | Music by The Cynic Project | Complete: 10%
Below is my first attempt using Unity to creating a foward scrolling shooter.

Game Title: Undecided

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Game Title: Breaker | Author: Dave | Contact: | Complete: 80%
Created on Blitz Basic, will supply code for this soon.....
Click here to download Breaker (1.75MB)

Game Title:

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breaker game

Game Title: Undecided | Author: Dave | Contact: | Complete: 1%
Old retro style Dungeon master game, download if you want to check it out (Extremely early stages of development)

Click here to download (3.67MB)

Game Title:

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dungeons game

Game Title: Tanks | Author: Dave | Contact: | Complete: 80%
Here is another game which was created in Blitz Basic, didnt take too long. A retro game which was originally released on the Atari 2600 called Combat Click here to download(1.45MB)

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Game Title: Tutorial | Author: Dave | Contact: | Complete: 100%
The following is a tutorial from Walker Boy Studios (first game) Unity - First Game

Tutorial using Unity

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