Log "2DGameManias Taken" - 2DGameManias current project :)

Trying to get the game greenlit on Steam, apologies for the lack of updates recently
Please vote on


A few screenshots, alot has changed since last update, new character, loads of bugs sorted, ladders, moving platforms etc


Area3 flythrough




Started a new area to test out some of the assets, sneak peak at area 3 below



Probably the first weapon you pick up. P99 Pistol

P99 Pistol



Progress coming along slowly but surely! Latest video below

Needs some work, well alot of work but getting there!


Link for possible titlescreen without Menu
Click here to view screenshot


Done some work tidying up my code so that its easier to work with, well worth doing this, makes it alot easier to concentrate on whats needed to be done next. Changed my character to a higher detailed model as the other one was very low poly and when zooming in you could really see the lack of detail. Video below.

Testing new Character (to make sure it works with existing animations)

Added small lifts and they work well! I know this level needs more detail and work, just trying to get the basic mechanics working first. The Character now runs up the stairs correctly and once stopped stays in place rather than sliding down the stairs.


I've been working on getting teleporters, lifts and ladders working. Managed to get the lifts and teleporters working. Well they are working but I need to add additional content to them to become fully workable, ie press a key to activate lift and show a graphic rather than walking into lifts without pressing keys etc but the basic principle is that they are working as they should. Today working on ladders, the good news is i've got a animation but its not that easy implementing the finishing touches, when at the top of the ladder going back to the standing animation etc needs some work!



A timelapse video of me designing part of a level and testing the game in Unity.


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Announcing new game called "2DGameManias Taken"

Basic Plot

Decided to create a game where you play a human where you are captured by the unknown. You wake up in unfamiliar surroundings.

All you know is that you are restrained in some type of locking device
that dosent seem to resemble anything you have seen before. The first objective is to get out of the restraints and explore your surroundings.

Style of Game
Old Skool Metroid feel to the game, atmospheric with various powerups to gain further access to parts of the level and to gain a further understanding of where you are and why you are there.

Extremely early Screenshots below

TitleScreen, my first time altering bones using 3dsmax (the guy in the sitting position), wish I had some sort of tool for predefined poses, if anyone knows a better way of achieving this let me know. Again screen not finished, will add some atmospheric lighing and fog etc and more detail.

This shows the style of game, 2D but techically its 3D, 2d viewpoint (Orthographic Camera)