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2D's games in Development

2DGameManias Taken - Released 4th May 2018 - Click on the links below if you fancy a 2.5D retro platformer


2dGameManias Taken

2dgamemanias Taken

Christmas Stars (ongoing project which I'll add to each Christmas) (Free)
2D Gamemania presents Christmas Stars
relased on Google Play Store - Download for free (Android)
Christmas game for young kids,

3 Mini games
Pop the balloons - pop the balloons by throwing darts
Snap - match the cards (santa, snowman etc)
Mine Cart - race along the track whilst grabbing presents

Meant be for young kids but adults can give it a go as well! and its free!

Officially released on 14.12.2014
Needed alittle practice coding and decided to make a kids game for Christmas. On google play to download for free on Android although there are a few bugs to sort out. Will add more games throughout the year so hopefully will gain some more popularity for Christmas 2015.


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